Things to pack on a Road Trip


Hi all and welcome back to my vehicles blog.  Hailing from the UK the idea of going on a road trip normally means piling into my friends car and travelling for one or two hours out of London.  Nothing to arduous and nothing too far so you don’t really need to bring anything with you.  However this summer I travelled across Canada with my boyfriend, who is Canadian, and we embarked on plenty of road trips, and as someone not used to what an actual ‘road trip’ entails I was not fully prepared.  I had bought with me a couple of items which were useful when travelling through South East Asia, but I was not ready for the length of the driving and having to be more actively involved in the planning and preparation.


The first thing we did before embarking on the first road trip was to make sure the car was road worthy and that there wasn’t going to be any nasty surprises along the way.  I wasn’t too involved in this process as I can’t drive, and thus have no idea really what warrants a pre road trip check up.  My main job was making sure we had everything packed and ready to leave and that we had the car packed up with everything we were likely to need.


Things to buy/pack if you’re going on a long road trip!


Phone holder

One of the first things we bought for the trip was a phone holder.  We already had a phone charging unit for the car but needed somewhere to hold the phone so that we could use it as a Sat Nav device as well as being able to play music off it and charge it.  We looked in lots of shops and it turns out they can be ridiculously expensive to buy if you have to visit a store.  Luckily we had a couple of days before we were heading out so I looked online and found some great deals from which if you haven’t already heard of it is a great online classified ads website specialising in used or second hand items.  


Music or Audiobooks or Podcasts

I’m a big fan of listening to music on a long car journey, whereas my partner prefers listening to audiobooks or podcasts, we compromised by switching it up every few hours.  If you like listening to music I love Spotify and I pay for the premium account which means you can create playlists and download them onto your device to listen to offline.  For audiobooks audible is pretty great as it remembers where you left off and you can buy different packages which allow you to download a certain number of books each month.  And for Podcasts theres so many available for free from the App store.


Car food

If you’re anything like me you will get incredibly hungry on a long road trip, and it can be pretty bad on your waistline and pocket if you have to stop off and buy food along the way.  The best way to get around this is by bringing along snack with you, especially crumb free snacks as if you’re on a long road trip you won’t be able to clean your car as regularly as it might need and you don’t want to be surrounded by chip crumbs! Carrots and Cucumber fingers work great, and if you have a freezer bag bringing some hummus and tzatzki helps to liven the food up.  Just remember that if you’re the non-driver it’s your job to do the feeding!


Paper products

You will absolutely need to bring paper towels, baby wipes, tissues and garbage bags with you. If you have space tying  garbage bag behind the driver seat works great, as it leaves the front passenger with easy access to throw items away, and baby wipes help to mop up any spills or clean ups you will inevitably find!


First Aid Kit

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself with some cut or ailment on a long journey without anything to clean it up or bandage it with.  I recommend making sure that you have a large first aid kit in the trunk as well as a small first aid kit under the passenger seat with plasters, a bandage, pain relievers, anti bacterial wipes and motion sickness tablets.  


Other things worth bringing along:

Travel Games

Emergency Kit

Spare Clothes

Frisbee or Ball


And finally..

Spare Car Keys!

You do not want to find yourself locked out without anyway back in your car and the nearest town or city miles away.  Always bring a spare pair of keys and keep them on you at all times.


Alternatively, buy a campervan and pack it to the brim with household items so you’ll never find yourself in need of any item!


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Honda Recalls Again

Honda Recalls Again

Hello people, I hope you are all having a lovely day. If you are new here then welcome to my vehicles and motors blog, and if you are a returning reader than thank you so much for visiting us again. Now, onto the article of the day-Honda recalls. Honda has recently announced that they are recalling another 772,000 Honda and Acura vehicles in the United States alone, while their parts company Takata is still working out a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice for what is being referred to as the biggest US auto recall ever. This recall is coming due to faulty airbags, which brings the number of Takata airbags system recalls up to 42 million in the United States alone. This is after it was discovered that the airbags have a chance to deteriorate after time and explosive in a fireball of shrapnel. So far these defective airbags have been responsible for 11 deaths and over 100 injuries worldwide. Read more



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Kia Motors to compete with Audi?

Kia Motors to compete with Audi?

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Things to pack on a Road Trip

Things to pack on a Road Trip

Hi all and welcome back to my vehicles blog.  Hailing from the UK the idea of going on a road trip normally means piling into my friends car and travelling for one or two hours out of London.  Nothing to arduous and nothing too far so you don’t really need to bring anything with you.  However this summer I travelled across Canada with my boyfriend, who is Canadian, and we embarked on plenty of road trips, and as someone not used to what an actual ‘road trip’ entails I was not fully prepared.  I had bought with me a couple of items which were useful when travelling through South East Asia, but I was not ready for the length of the driving and having to be more actively involved in the planning and preparation. Read more



Welcome back to my vehicles blog ladies and gents. How have you all been of late? Immersed in the world of all things vehicles I hope. If you are anything like me you likely can’t get enough of anything vehicle related. I am self-confessed vehicle nut! Whether it be afloat, running on wheels or airborne, they’re all good as far as I am concerned. In this post I am going to touch briefly on one of my favourite vehicular events of the season, the Red Bull Flugtag! “What the hell is a flugtag?” I hear you ask. Well flugtag is German for flight day or air show. And this one not only happens to be sponsored by Red Bull, but is also extremely unique. Rather than showcase the world’s finest commercial and military display aircraft, the Red Bull Flugtag is a rather tongue in cheek showcase and competition for homemade aircraft enthusiasts. The rules stipulate that all aircraft that enter the competition must be human-powered (no engines allowed) and no more than 10 metres in length & 150 kgs in weight. They are then launched from a 9 metre high pier (by the human crew) into Hyde Park’s Serpentine, with the aim of remaining airborne for the longest distance possible before crash landing into the lake. As I am sure you can probably imagine, the majority just nosedive straight in. All great fun and entertainment though. Ha! Although the London event is my favourite, Red Bull Flugtags are held all over the world. The record for the longest distance of 78.6 metres was achieved and recorded at the Long beach, California event in 2013 by the “The Chicken Whisperers” team. (I suspect that they may have taken things a little too seriously and missed the point of the whole event). Read more



Greetings and salutations fellow vehicle lovers, welcome back to another exciting blog post about vehicles but more specifically today about Honda. I’ve recently made a bit of money buying and selling cars from this buy and sell website and I noticed some of the best cars to pick up and do a quick repair then sell for a tidy profit always seemed to be Honda’s.Whether it be their cars, dirt bikes, or even quads people are always wanting to get their hands on a Honda at a good price because they are just such strong durable machines. They can last forever with regular maintenance and even quite a long time with little maintenance. I had a friend who really put that to the test. Read more

Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks

Welcome back to my vehicle blog everybody! I hope you have been enjoying all my posts so far. I have certainly been enjoying writing them. Here! I have got a joke for you. What did one toilet say to the other? You’re looking a bit flushed! Stop it. Ok, so just a quick post today. I will get back to you soon with a longer and more in depth post but this is just something to be getting on with for the meantime. I was going through some old photos yesterday that I took during my travels around Southeast Asia a few years back. I had totally forgotten how much fun I had in tuk tuks when I was there! They are a local form of transport in a number of countries in Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent are pretty much made up of a moped and carriage. The Indian and Thai tuk tuks are smaller and more compact than their Cambodian counterparts and suffer in terms of comfort as a result. Sightseeing from the back of one of these type of tuk tuks can also be a bit of a problem. However, they are much faster which can add an adrenaline fueled aspect to the tuk tuk experienced. The larger and comfier Cambodian tuk tuks are much slower but the traffic crammed street of Phnom Penh do not really lend themselves to high speed travel, putting it mildly, so it all works out.  Read more



Hi peeps. Welcome back to my vehicles blog. Now I've already told you about my love for adventure sports, well this passion takes me all over the country seeking out the very best lakes and mountains so I have decided that I am in major need of a new vesicle to take me there. Usually I either head there by car or train but neither of these options are particularly practical. I have decided that I want to make more of these trips throughout the year and when I do I would like to be able to explore my surroundings as much as I can, often camping overnight. It would also be great to take more of my friends and family with me to experience some of these adventures too. I have friends that I know through the adventure sports circle and we will often go traveling together. I plan to explore the far reaches of England from Scotland, to the lake district, through to Wales and down south. I have always had a great love for the outdoors and really do relish the UK so I am determined to start seeing as much of it as I can and enjoy as many adventure sports as I can along the way.  Read more

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